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I am available for Cellsonic and WNS at these two locations. If you live nearby and would like to receive treatment, please either mail me, contact me or fill out this form. Once I have enough interested people, I will make the trip to this location and will call you to find a time that works best for you.

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Pelvic Restoration


 In today’s society, women have been programmed with limiting BS (belief systems) handed down from many generations of oppression, scarcity, and fear. We are expected to be the caregivers for everyone around us. We have unknowingly become an “inflammation nation” and numbed out the many cries of our beautiful bodies. We are no longer fully connected to our bodies, let alone our pelvic area, the Ovarian Palace. The Pelvic Restoration Course is for women who truly want to come home to this Ovarian Palace to re-ignite this powerful healing center of a woman and fully embrace their Divine Feminine body. 


The woman’s body has been under attack by the medical system for over 50 years. “Cut, poison, and burn” are the answers we are given when we have a symptom. How many people know that when you have low back pain, hip pain, swollen legs or feet, varicose veins, bladder infections, yeast infections, toe fungus, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, ovarian cysts, fibroids, tumors, painful love making, heavy periods, PMS, or infertility, that all of these conditions stemmed from issues with the large intestine? 98% of the population has a “leaky gut.”

The first domino that falls is the large intestine. If you’ve got any kind of symptoms going on in your body, you’ve got “leaky gut,” or, rather, “leaky large intestine.” When you are not eating correctly, not chewing well, not “food combining” appropriately, eating in a rush, or eating when upset, you do not digest well.

Digestion slows down, and that meal you just ate starts to putrefy. When this happens, your meal ends up feeding bad bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Fungi are the worst to develop because they drill holes in the large intestine, allowing anything passing through it the opportunity to drop into the pelvic bowl, creating a manure pile.

Let’s talk about the “holy grail” of a woman: the womb and vaginal canal. As little girls we come to view our periods as a curse. No one is teaching us what is going on in the body during our monthly flow. This is a time of regeneration and renewing. We should be celebrating how wonderful our bodies are, not feeling like we are cursed. Let’s explore this area and really honor, respect, protect, and love our Ovarian Palace. This is where life begins; it is the creative center of a woman, our powerhouse of healing the Divine Feminine.